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Literacy Matters

Sedgehill’s Literacy Focus

Sedgehill School is determined to empower and support its students to be confident and articulate. Preparing students for their futures so that they are able to be successful in a very competitive, global market place, is key component of the school’s ethos. Therefore, we are making a concerted effort to develop their literacy skills through exciting and engaging lessons which promote high quality written and spoken English.  At Sedgehill School we are committed to providing all of our students with the confidence and skills required to express themselves clearly in any given situation; we aim to ensure that improving literacy is at the centre of teaching and learning across the curriculum. 

Recently, we have invested time ensuring that all staff are using the same shared language of literacy in their lessons therefore making it easier for students to take a holistic approach to their writing, reading and speaking.  We are also making great use of Accelerated Reader, a computer programme which monitors and collates students’ reading data so that teachers are able to provide specific and differentiated tasks which support all students reading. Developing the school library so that it is a hive of activity before, during and after school, with students taking advantage of our excellent range of books, magazine and pamphlets for Chaucer to Jacqueline Wilson we’ve got it covered.

As we continue to reach for the highest standards at all times, we will be updating the website with additional resources students can use independently to support their literacy.  There are some suggested books that parents can use to support their child at home:

  • Eats Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss
  • Thirty Days Has September Chris Stevens
  • How to Write Essays and Assignments Kathleen McMillan and Jonathan Weyers

For further guidance on supporting students’ literacy, please contact the year team.