Sedgehill School is an exciting and vibrant community that we are proud to lead both now, and into the future. Our key priority is to equip our students with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence to be both happy and successful adults in the future.

At Sedgehill we have excellent learning facilities for all subjects and are totally committed to students being stretched and challenged in their learning. Ensuring that students make good progress in the core subjects of English, maths and science is a key priority for us as they are increasingly crucial to all employers.

We are as a school however eager to develop students’ love of learning through reading, creativity and activity. We want students to enjoy and achieve, and our staff are fully committed to realising this goal

We have a range of exciting opportunities outside of the classroom including music and sport. As a school we will continue to assist students in learning to play a musical instrument. Our school choir ‘Vocalize’ is a great opportunity for young people to develop their skills and confidence through high level performance

Mrs J Scannell,                                  Mr A Milliken,
Chief Executive Officer                      Head of School

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