The Student Support Centre


The Student Support Centre is an inclusive provision that will support, encourage and enable students to achieve their best. The centre will focus upon the following key issues:

  • Support the ethos of achieving better than expected progress for all through a range of targeted strategies.
  •  Enabling students to overcome barriers to their learning.
  • Supporting teaching staff with quality first teaching so that the curriculum is accessible for all students in the school.
  • Ensure that students are equipped with the skills and resilience to be successful in school.
  • Offer tailored curriculum solutions for students within the school setting
  • Assist students in improving their attendance and punctuality.
  • Supporting the school’s high expectations for emotional wellbeing and engagement.


The Students Support centre will consist of a number of provisions.

The Deaf Education Centre (DEC) is a specialist provision that offers students access to specialist audiology and communication support.

The English as an Additional Language Provision will support students in improving their language skills including developing key subject vocabulary and examination literacy.

The Alternative Provision will offer a personalised curriculum for individuals who are unable to access a full traditional academic timetable.  The students will be offered a selection of subjects to complement the core curriculum including food and nutrition and horticulture.  Online tutoring for the core subjects will be provided via TUTE Education.

The Year 7 Specialist Provision will consist of a small group of students who need a longer transition period between primary and secondary provision and will focus on rapid progress in the core areas of maths and English.  Social and emotional development will also be a key aspect and students will be supported in the building of strong and positive peer relationships.

The Student Engagement Centre will offer pupils academic and emotional wellbeing support when returning to full time education after a period of absence, exclusion or part of a managed move into Sedgehill School.

The Intex Room will offer core subject and emotional wellbeing support to students who are at risk of exclusion.

The School Counsellor will be available to support the emotional wellbeing of students through the difficult periods they may encounter as they become young adults.

The Student Hub will consist of the Year Progress Managers and the Year Support Officers.  This team will form relationships with families to enable effective pastoral support to be given to all the students in the school.  The Year Progress Managers will have the primary role of ensuring that the ethos of achieving better than expected progress for all through a range of targeted strategies is met.

The Prayer Room will offer a suitable venue for quiet reflection and prayer.

Small Group Work these venues will be for a variety of small group support work with all key stages.

Horticulture this will be part of the curriculum for pupils in key stage 3 and 4 who would benefit from working within the community on horticultural projects.

Senco Office and Lead TA the Senco and Lead TA will be available in this office for advice and guidance.

Inclusion Manager and Interview Room the Inclusion Manager will be available for advice and guidance.

Access to the Student Support Centre

Students will be able to seek support from the centre through their Year Progress Manager. Students may be referred to the Year Progress Manager by the teaching staff, parents or students themselves if they are raising academic, social or emotional wellbeing concerns. Students may also be identified for support through the transition process from primary school.

Student support packages will be tailored to needs, regularly monitored with clear entry and exit criteria which is negotiated between centre staff, parents and students.