Sociology helps develop skills of knowledge and understanding and analysis and evaluation which are highly prized by employers and higher education institutions.
Sociology is about social myth-busting; Sociologists seek to uncover the uncommon ways of explaining how humans come together to generate and sustain that complex thing we call society.
Sociology teachers are totally committed to the success of their students and supporting the growth of their skills ready for the world of work, sixth form or university.


In A level Sociology, we follow the AQA specification:  for year 12 and year 13 (7192).
This is a two year course with three examinations at the end of year 13.
There will be regular internal assessments throughout the two years building students’ skills and confidence.
The web link below details all that guides teachers’ planning and students’ learning:

Year 12 learning:
Education and Theory and Methods (Paper One, 2 hours, 1/3 of the A- level)
Families and Households (Paper Two, 2 hours, 1/3 of the ‘A’ level)

Year 13 learning:
Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods (Paper Three, 2 hours, 1/3 of the A-level)
The Media (Paper Two, 2 hours, 1/3 of the A- level)

Students take all three examinations at the end of year 13.
The examinations consist of some structured short and long answer questions with the largest component being extended essay writing for each topic covered.