History is taught in a creative and enquiry focused way at Sedgehill School. Students are encouraged to develop a keen interest in the past and to develop the skills to develop their own opinions about what actually happened. Students learn to handle evidence in a logical way to help them in their research. The Department celebrates Black History Month and International Women’s Day with themed lessons and events and also contribute to a wide range of extra-curricular activities.


  Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3 Unit 4
Year 7

Study over time
How has London changed over time? 

British Study
Life in Medieval England

Depth Study
What changes happened during the Renaissance?

World Study
The Slave Trade

Year 8

World Study
Why did Louis XVI have his head chopped off? - The French Revolution

Study over time
How has crime and punishment changed over time?

British Study
Should Britain be proud of its Empire?


Depth Study
Life during the Industrial Revolution

Year 9

Depth Study
What caused World War One?

British Study
Was World War One really a Great War?

World Study
Facing History - The Holocaust

Study over time
Fighting for Rights – Civil Rights in America


We currently follow the OCR syllabus.

The structure of the course covers 5 units each worth 20% and each examined at the end of year 11. There are two studies over time, two depth studies and one study of an historical site.

Unit 1 - Migration to Britain 1250 – present
The experience and impact of different groups of people who have migrated to Britain.

Unit 2 – The Norman Conquest
Causes, course and consequence of the invasion of Britain by William the Conqueror.

Unit 3 – The Tower of London
The history of the Tower what it tells us about people and events during its creation and development.

Unit 4 – Making of America, 1789-1900
Slavery and its abolishment, treatment of Native Americans, the Gold Rush and the American Civil War.

Unit 5 – Living under Nazi Rule, 1933-45
Nazi’s rise to power, life for different people, World War Two, the Holocaust.


We currently follow the OCR syllabus.

Students need a B grade in History GCSE or another Humanities GCSE to study A - Level History. The chosen units can change depending on the subject specialism of the teacher. The current course covers:

Unit 1: England 1445-1509 (The Wars of the Roses)
1 hour and 30 minute exam, 25% of A level mark

Unit 2: The French Revolution
1 hour exam, 15% of A level mark.

Unity 3: Civil Rights in America
2 hours and 30 minutes exam, 40% of A level mark

Unit 4: The coursework on a topic of your choice
Maximum work count is 4,000 words, 20%of A level mark