Physical Education

Physical education at Sedeghill School provides a range of stimulating activities engaging pupils through a variety of teaching styles. Students are able to develop technically, physically, mentally but also socially in an enjoyable learning environment. At Sedgehill School we have outstanding facilities to enable students to improve across all areas of the physical education curriculum.


Students will experience two hours of high quality, engaging and stimulating physical education during their time in key stage 3. All pupils will experience a range of sporting activities and have the opportunity to not only be a performer but also a coach, official and leader.

The range of content within key stage 3 includes: outwitting opponents, working at maximum levels, accurate replication, exploring and communication ideas and emotions, identifying and solving problems and exercising safely.


Sedgehill physical education has an examination based GCSE course for students with a keen interest in sport in years 10 and 11. The GCSE PE course covers a huge range of theoretical content allowing students to develop in areas such as knowledge of fitness training and testing, learning about the body systems including the short term and long term effects of exercise and healthy active lifestyles. Within this course students will also be delivered a range of content to enable them to improve and develop within their strongest sports in preparation for their practical examinations. This course is assessed in both an examination and through practical moderation. This course provides an excellent learning experience to prepare students for physical education at further education.

  • Students who decide not to take physical education will still complete two hours of high quality competitive PE during years 10 and 11.


We provide a high quality experience for all students enrolled on a post 16 course. The department run two courses, a BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Sport and a Diploma in Sport. Both courses providing very popular to both male and female students aspiring to achieve a career in the sports industry. Throughout the two year course students complete a range of both theoretical and practical content enabling students the knowledge and skills to progress onto universities studies.

Primary School Links

The Physical Education Department are linked with many local Primary Schools within the local area enabling younger students to experience PE at Sedgehill. These links also prove very popular with GCSE and BTEC students developing as coaches and young leaders within sport.