Here at Sedgehill, we believe all students should have the opportunity to access the positive benefits of dance. Students appear more confident, creative and become more effective team workers and leaders through following a key stage 3 programme of dance. We offer a dance curriculum that follows the Smith-Autard three strand dance education model: choreography, performance and appreciation. Students in all key stages develop communication, creative and problem solving skills through choreographic work. We provide opportunities to build confidence and expression through performance. Students also develop their ability to appreciate their own and reach others' work, which develops their analytical and reflective skills. At the heart of the department, lies the belief that dance lessons enhance students’ cognitive, expressive, physical, emotional and social wellbeing, this having a wider impact on their academic studies and overall holistic experience of school life.


Students will learn to perform, choreograph and appreciate dance through a variety of dance contexts. Students choreograph and perform their own dances in various dance styles such as Rock and Roll, Bollywood, Contemporary, and Street Dance. They will learn the key dance actions and choreographic devices by looking at pre-choreographed pieces and working with a variety of stimuli. They get the opportunity to create modern versions of dance classics whilst being introduced to key practitioners and choreographies.

Year 7:  Dance Actions (elevations, rotations, unison/canon), Choreography and Creativity, Space and Relationship, Dynamics and Structure, Working with a stimuli.
Year 8:
  Dance Actions (Levels, Transfer of Weight), West Side Story, Technique and Performance, Adapting Choreographies into new genres, Set work performance skills.


BTEC L1&2 Award in Performing Arts (Dance)

Students develop choreography, appreciation and performance skills over the two years and get assessed in all three skills. They will complete projects with a vocational element allowing them to develop their skills through accessing the professional dance world. This course covers various dance styles including street and contemporary. 

Ending in 2017 - AQA GCSE Dance

Unit 1: Critical Appreciation of Dance, 20%. Students must complete a written paper lasting 1 hour.
Unit 2: Set Dance, 20%. Students learn and perform contemporary repertoire which lasts for 1hr 30 mins. They must evidence their ability to perform with developed technical and expressive skills.

Unit 3: Group Performance Piece, 20%.  Students learn and perform a piece of choreography that links to a professional work and must last for 3hrs 30mins. They must evidence their ability to perform with developed technical and expressive skills.

Unit 4: Choreographing, 40%. Students choreograph their own two dances, one must be a solo and the other could be a solo or group piece. Students choose a stimulus which inspires them and use that to produce the two pieces, the solo lasting 1minute, and the solo or group lasting up to 3mins.


BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Dance

This BTEC offers greater flexibility and a choice of specialism through a variety of units. It is a two-year course which offers UCAs points equivalent to one A-Level. This course is designed to develop students’ ability to perform a wide range of dance styles showing developed technical and expressive skills. Students will also develop their ability to choreograph creative, sophisticated dances whilst applying various choreographic principles. They will increase their knowledge of a wide range of professional practitioners from different styles and develop their ability to analyse others and their own work.

Units the students may complete on the course:

  • Unit 1: Investigating Practitioners Works: Students analyse a variety of professional works from different styles and get externally assessed on their knowledge of these works.
  • Unit 2: Developing Skills for Performance: students develop their understanding of what it takes to be a professional dancer through rehearsing for and performing a dance. Students will develop performance and technical skills through rehearsals and performance. This can be in any style.
  • Unit 3: Group Performance: Students will choreograph and perform two dances showing developed choreography and creativity skills in a style of their choice.
  • Unit 4: Contemporary Dance: Over the two years students will learn various contemporary techniques through workshops and develop their ability to perform these techniques in rehearsals and performances. The students will be assessed at milestones over the two years and the grade will be based on the amount of progress made.