Admissions Procedure

Lewisham’s Education Policy on Admissions.

Offers of a place in Sedgehill are the responsibility of Lewisham Education Authority, advised by a group of local head teachers, teachers and inspectors. Some schools receive more applications than there are places available in a particular band. If you select an over-subscribed community school, it may not be possible to offer your child a place. Every effort will be made to comply with any statutory preference expressed, but this will not be possible if it puts at risk the education of other students by overcrowding, or leads to inefficiency or puts undue strain on the schools resources.

In the event of a community secondary school being over-subscribed (having more applicants than places available) priority within each band will be given in the following order:

1. Applicants who are in Public Care (details must be supplied by the allocated social worker or foster carer). A child in public care is a child who is in care to a local authority or who is provided with accommodation by that authority.

2. In exceptional circumstances, children who have a personal or family acute medical or social need for that particular school and who would not otherwise qualify for admission. The application must be supported by a letter from a hospital consultant, social worker or similar professional, setting out the reasons why the school is the only one to meet the child’s needs. The admission decision will be considered in consultation with a sub group of the Admissions Forum, teaching and medical professionals. Medical professionals provide advice on applications made under medical conditions and teaching professionals advise on applications made for social or special reasons. Supporting evidence must be provided before the closing date for applications.

3. Applicants whose brother or sister is on the roll of the school on the closing date for applications and will still be on the roll of the school at the intended date of admission. Siblings include all blood or adoptive siblings, or half-siblings, plus foster or step-siblings living at the same address as the child; proof of the sibling relationship may be required.

4. Applicants who live nearest to the school. All distances will be measured in a straight line, using digitised mapping software or Ordnance Survey maps of the area, from the home to the main school entrance. If more than one applicant lives in a multi-occupancy building, eg flats, priority will be given to the applicant whose door number is the lowest numerically and/or alphabetically.

Proof of permanent home address will be current council tax statements, utilities bills, residence orders or other court orders. If a false address has been given and an offer made on the basis of that information, the offer of a place may be withdrawn. Further advice is available from the Admissions Team about this.

Lewisham Admissions Team: 020 8314 8282 

Current admission number per annum 306


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