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Reward Trip and Launch of Bellingham Football Club

Welcome to the new half term.
We are very pleased to share with you two recent events.

The year 7 “Air Hop” reward trips were a real success with 59 students attending. The four finger sign the students are showing represents them meeting the four targets set for them for their first half term: 100% attendance, to arrive on time, to gain 25 or more achievement points and not to earn behaviour points. They all had an amazing time and they really earned it.  We are looking forward to taking even more students on a similar reward trip at the end of the second half term!

On Saturday 5th November we were pleased to host the official launch of Bellingham Football Club.  This was attended by Lewisham’s Mayor - Sir Steve Bullock, staff and students of Sedgehill and friends and family of the founder Michael Ibitoye.
As well as inspirational speakers there were awards for Sedgehill’s Player of the Year and Runner-up Player of the Year presented to Daniel Silva and Jeremiah Sewell by Sir Steve Bullock.

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