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What the students and parents say...

Following on from yet another well attended  Welcome to year 7, 8 & 9 Evening, we are pleased to report the following comments from some of those who attended:

"I feel like my life has totally transformed this year and I love coming to school." Year 10 student

"I love the messages shared at tonight's meeting; it's all so positive and it's clear the new Head and CEO have the skills and experience to move Sedgehill forward." Parent of year 9 student

"The Sedgehill Seven and the Disruption Free Learning policies are clear and are clearly having an impact already. This is great news for the school." Parent of a year 8 and an year 9 student

"I feel happy to come to school and really feel the start of term has been so calm. I am enjoying my lessons and have made many friends."  New year 7 starter.