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Year 12 Art Trip

On 1 November, the Year 12 Art A level class visited the Guildhall Art Gallery to see the work in their permanent collection and  the Nature Morte temporary exhibition. The students spent time analysing and discussing the works of art on display. One of the important tasks they had to do was to make connections between their own ideas and the work we were looking at. Seeing the art first-hand really helped them to develop these skills.

After lunch we visited the Tate Modern and explored the work of a range of artists who have all tackled the subject matter of still life, as well as exploring colour and how important it is in art and communicating mood. The students were challenged to make comparisons between different artists’ approaches in order to help them develop their ability to make connections.

“I really enjoyed today it makes a real difference to how you understand an artwork when you actually see it up close
 Year 12 student



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