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Bellingham Golden Oldies Christmas Party

The Bellingham Golden Oldies are part of a charitable organisation who run events for the local elderly community.
In December they hold a Christmas party which over the last six years students of Sedgehill School have been a part of.  We help by donating Hampers and desserts for the patrons, which we get by fund raising and donations from students and parents.

Some students are invited to the venue to serve food and make hot drinks for the elderly people attending, which resulted in more tea then I had ever seen in one place before in my life.
We are all encouraged to dance with the patrons – Ms Barrett did some line dancing.

The hampers and donations were raffled during the event, which the winners were pleased with. As a thank you the organisers gave all the students a selection box as a thank you, I used mine to shelter myself from the rain on the way home, but the weather didn’t dampen any ones spirit we all had a really great time.

Louise Tobin (Year 9)

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