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Courtauld Gallery

On Monday 5th February the Year 11 Art GCSE students took part in a workshop at the Courtauld Art Gallery. The students are researching the theme Fragments for their GCSE art exam.  The group were taken around the gallery by two art historians and spent time focusing on individual pieces of art and discussing how artists convey fragments of a story or an event through their art. Students spent time drawing from the artworks on view and analysing them. The students learned a lot about how the artworks were created and ways in which the artist had designed the images to ensure the viewer focused on certain things in order to emphasise the message.
Renee said that she hadn’t realised just how many layers of meaning could be found in an artwork and Mahmut said he was really pleased with his experiments with chiaroscuro.
Year 11 all came away with many ideas and connections to help them develop their own work for the exam.


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