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SALAD - A Day Dedicated to Oracy

On Friday 6th July Sedgehill ran it’s first SALAD Day- Speaking and Listening and Active Development Day. The focus of the day was having no pens and getting talking. Students were encouraged to think about the way they speak, plan their verbal responses in advance and take part verbally in all the planned activities various subjects hosted. In MfL students took part in role-plays- students staged scenes in restaurants completely in French. In art there was some Origami making, in Science debates on the use of plastic and in tutor time students listened to famous speeches and evaluated their impact on society.

Students were encouraged to use active listening skills and develop their ability to communicate.

At lunch-time, over 40 students took part in a formal debate on the controversial topic of Police Stop and Search- the motion was passed that it reduces crime.

In addition year 10 worked on their GCSE Ebglish Speaking and Listening exam, as well as taking part in an excellent workshop with Mindfuel, where they explored communication and developing resilience in tackling life’s obstacles.

A fantastic Sedgehill Day.

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