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Bugsy Malone

This year’s school production was a hit. Huge congratulations to everyone involved, both on stage and behind the scenes. Ms Cooper had chosen Bugsy Malone as this year’s school play because she was inspired by the immense amount of young talent we have in Years 7 & 8. As such, for the first time in  living memory, the school production was vastly dominated by Key Stage 3 students.

Ms Fison writes:

Watching Bugsy Malone was undoubtedly one of the highlights of my career at Sedgehill School. The talent and confidence of our students was inspirational to see. The play was so well coordinated and polished that it was hard to imagine I was watching a performance by pupils. There were some outstanding individual characterisations and an array of musical and dancing talent on display. I cannot wait to come back for next year’s production!



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