Hearing Impared Unit

The Hearing-Impaired Unit was established at Sedgehill School in 1957 and supports children who have hearing losses ranging from mild to profound. The unit aims to give students every opportunity to integrate with their peers whilst being offered social and academic support.

We expect students to take an active part in every aspect of school life and to leave school as confident young adults.

Through a flexible communication policy we support students who are oral and we are developing BSL skills to enable us to meet the needs of students who need to be taught and supported using sign language.

Hearing Impaired Unit aims:

  1. To enable all hearing impaired students to have full access to a broad and balanced curriculum through integration, withdrawal and support.
  2. To work closely with students, parents/carers and other professionals to ensure that all students receive the education to which they are entitled.
  3. To encourage students to become independent, confident learners who will have high expectations of themselves and the people around them.
  4. To provide a structured management of every student’s audiological needs and to teach the students to have control over the management of their own equipment.
  5. To encourage students to be proud of their achievements as a hearing impaired person in a hearing world.

Sedgehill Hearing Impaired Unit is run by a dedicated team of trained Teachers of the Deaf and Teaching Assistants, whose combined experience of main stream education across all age ranges is broad and extensive. 

Teaching groups in the Unit are small and students are supported when integrated in main school classes, thus creating a safe and secure learning environment.

Due to the unique structure of the Unit, we are able to respond to the individual needs of the students; audiological, academic and social, within a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We are very proud of the academic achievements of our students, all of whom take GCSEs or Vocational Courses.
All students are encouraged to continue into the 6th form and higher education and to achieve their fullest potential.

The Unit has full access to many vital specialist resources, including advanced audiological equipment, H.A. test box, radio aids and provision for pure-tone audiometry testing. All students are monitored by trained staff to ensure that they are able to access the curriculum.

The Unit works closely with Audiologists, the Speech and Language Therapy Service, the Educational Psychology Service, Social Services and the Careers Service.

Students in the HIU are included in the many trips, visits and activities offered by the Main School. The Unit also provides educational trips to help students gain independence and prepare for leaving school.

We are proud of the continuing success of the Unit and everyone involved works hard to maintain this reputation, to the benefit of all.

HIU staff 2010/2011:

Mrs Ann Bradshaw – Teacher of the Deaf
Ms Helen Childs – Trainee Teacher of the Deaf
Ms Davina Allen - Trainee Teacher of the Deaf
Mrs. Carol Redfern – Teaching Assistant
Ms. Roberta Collier  - Communication Support Worker
Ms. Hayley Nankivell - Teaching Assistant
Ms Makeeda Trew - Teaching Assistant

  • "We believe that whether a student is oral/aural or a signer, they should receive the best possible levels of support and intervention and be able to reach their potential, academically and socially."

    Lead Teacher of the Deaf