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Spectrum (Social Inclusion)

Spectrum is a wonderful vibrant area of Sedgehill which forms an important part of our whole school community

‘Spectrum’ symbolises the fact that at Sedgehill we offer an enormous range of Social Inclusion initiatives, working with students who need that little bit more support, academically or socially and challenging those high flying, fast track students who are set to change the world! We have an enormous number of projects on offer, some of which are supported by and work in conjunction with outside agencies. These support the Every Child Matters Agenda and SEAL objectives and include:

• One to one mentoring

• Counselling

• Small group work including nurture groups, transition groups, anger management groups

• Allotment project

• Cooking

• Knitting

• Nail care and nail art

• Drama therapy

• Dance therapy

• Lunchtime club

• Drama and film groups

• After school cineclub

• Craft groups

• Restorative Justice

We regularly invite parents/carers to meet with us and to join in with Spectrum sessions. We are keen to build more links with the local community.

At Key Stage 4, Spectrum works in conjunction with the Vocational department to offer a varied and interesting curriculum to support the individual needs of our students.

Peer Support / Anti-bullying Counsellors

We  have an excellent team of anti-bullying counsellors in KS4/5 who work with individuals to resolve conflict and differences. Some KS5 students assist in the running of KS 3/4 groups as part of their timetable. Yr 9, 10, 11 students also assist in the running of Y7 and 8 nurture groups.

The Spectrum Team 2010/2011 is:

Karen Wood  - Mentor/counsellor
Rachel Bloggs and Terri Jarvis -  Spectrum Co-ordinators
Rose Davidson -  Teaching Assistant
Erwin Edwards - Teaching Assistant
James Kerr -  Teaching Assistant
Cindy Bourne -  Beauty therapist
Clea McIlraith -  Drama therapist
Andrea Carroll  - Gardener - on site gardener and off site allotments
Goldsmiths Dance therapy students/ Social workers in training
Voluntary counsellors
Voluntary mentors : David Osbourne

  • "Spectrum is a wonderful vibrant area of Sedgehill which forms an important part of our whole school community. Our vision is to develop our students into young adults who realise their own potential and strive to make a difference in their community."

    Spectrum Coordinator